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Join us every 2nd or 3rd weekday of every month between 6:30 pm and 9:00PM, where we network and discuss SQL Server topics. We will have swag giveaways at the end of the each presentation too.

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Our monthly meeting are FREE, casual and everyone is welcome. Hope to see you very soon!!!

Next Meeting: Thu, May 26 2016

The basic and advanced features of SSIS by Virginia Mushkatblat

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
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RSVPURL: http://sqlmalibu1605.eventbrite.com


UTC : Fri, May 27 2016 01:30 - 04:00
Event Time : Thu, May 26 2016 18:30 - 21:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Your Local Time: Fri, May 27 2016 01:30 - 04:00


6200 Canoga Ave.
Woodland Hills, California

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Featured Presentation

The basic and advanced features of SSIS

Speaker: Virginia Mushkatblat, Founder of Hush Hush http://mask-me.net

Summary: Virginia is going to present the basics of SSIS for those who are new to a tool or want to organize their SSIS knowledge and also present a sample of new features in SSIS latest versions (2014 and 2016).

About Virginia: Virginia Mushkatblat has 20 years of development and architectural experience with critical data-intensive applications. She has worked in companies ranging from start-ups to international conglomerates with the range of requirements, including those of 24/7 and batch processing, and lead teams of DB developers, architects and administrators. She has worked in entertainment, technology and financial industries. In the past two years, while teaching databases in CSUN, she graduated more than a hundred of students into the database world. Lately her interests include research in data de-identification and extension of SSIS components.



SQL Joke of the month

Nobody knows what a DBA does, but every company needs to hire one, because no one can afford to hire two.


At the premier of the first ever database movie "The Relational Chainsaw Massacre", the crowd is waiting for the stars to arrive:
The first limousine arrives and out steps Oracle followed by 4 people

Interviewer: Who have you brought along?
Oracle: I have 4 DBA's in tow. One to install me, one to design the databases, one to administer me and the other to justify the cost.

A second limo arrives and out steps DB2 followed by 40 people

Interviewer: Who have you bought along?
DB2: I have 2 DBA's, 2 hardware specialist and 36 consultants.

Another limo arrives and out steps SQL Server all on his own

Interviewer: Why haven't you brought anyone?
SQL Server: I didn't bring anyone because I am easy to install and am basically self managing. But I did bring this URL for sqlteam when the s#@t hits the fan.

Eventbrite - San Fernando Valley SQL Server User Group Event - May 2016